About Our Studio

Sugar Land Fit Life Studio is an exclusive access Private Personal Training Facility that offers the highest level of professionalism and customer care.

We have a very supportive and nurturing environment that will aid you as you work towards reaching your fitness goals.

We know that it can be hard to get into shape and maintain your health, but it is just too important to ignore. Sugar Land Fit Life Studio is a unique fitness facility featuring customized personal training, a wide range of highly effective group fitness classes, and all of the most effective equipment you need.

We offer our clients personalized fitness solutions tailored to their own needs and goals, Sugar Land Fit Life Studio is the place to be!

You shouldn’t have to feel like just another face in the crowd at your gym, Here you’ll be respected as the individual you are, and you’ll receive the tools and motivation you need to achieve your goals. Give us a call (346) 220-1850 today!

  • 4500 sqft. private exercise studio
  • Very Clean, limited-private access for members by appointment only
  • Ample amounts of safe lighted free secured parking
  • Cardio equipment, weight-lifting machines, free-weight (dumbbell, kettle-bells, barbell) resistance bands, TRX, medicine and Swiss balls, sled pushes, box jumps  and pulley machines